• Jessica Maria Munoz and Tanya Welch Bashaw, Willsboro, NY, a girl. Delivered at CVPH Medical Center.
  • Stephanie Martineau and Steven Blaise, a boy.
  • Kelcie Titus and Nathon Johnston, a boy.
  • Faith Dattoma and Kevin Beaudette, a boy.
  • Maureen Lashomb and Nicholas McGill, a boy.
  • Tammy and Michael Staley, a boy.
  • Noel Goff and Jacob LaBrake, a boy.
  • Danielle and Nicholas Hallada, a girl.
  • Rebecca and Daniel Giroux, a girl.
  • Gina Brandolino and Edgar Crahan, a girl.
  • Shirreece Robare and Travis King, a girl.
  • Rachael Wilson and Kyle Burdick, a boy.
  • Vanessa Moses and Brad Hammond, a boy.
  • Hannah Dyer and Darryl Miller Jr. , a girl.
  • Anna and Brent Langlois, a boy.

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